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43 Amazing Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Holding a bowl with a small bottle of essential oil, mint leaves, dried lavender flowers, and written words on cardboard cut-out

It’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of it. Why should I use essential oils? This may be a question you have been asking yourself as you scroll past articles describing the products and even when you read the pieces I’ve written for this blog. This is the article you need to read if you … Read more

Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

Ultrasonic Essential Oil with pots of ornamental plants in the background

If you are a regular user of extracts and their powerful oils, then you know that there are several ways that you can enjoy their many benefits. They can be applied topically, ingested in some cases, and can even be inhaled. Breathing in the aromas of certain essences can help you calm down or even … Read more

Young Living Thieves Cleaner Review

A box of Thieves Household Cleaner

Who Is Young Living? This company, whose primary focus is essential oils, their extraction, and offering the purest products on the market, began their mission of bringing top grade essential oils to the world back in the early 90s, and since then, the Youngs, who consisted of Gary and Mary at the head, have built … Read more

Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews

Three popular Young Living diffusers

Diffusing oils in your home or office can help you relieve a great many ailments including stress, depression, anxiety, and congestion. Depending on the oil you put into the diffuser, inhaling these extracts has been a regular practice for thousands of years in China, India, and Europe. In fact, with the addition of modern technology … Read more

Young Living Starter Kit Review

An assorted bottles of Young Living essential oils with a diffuser on a white background

Who Are They?​ Knowing a little bit about the source of your essential oils is, well, essential. There is a good deal of distributors with products on the market that claim to be “extracts” but are actually diluted with fillers or carrier substances. This isn’t the case with Young Living according to their biggest fans. … Read more

Are Essential Oils Safe? Know Things That Will Surprise You

Young Woman Smelling Essential Oil

When I first starting writing for this blog, which wasn’t too long ago, I got a huge lesson on aromatherapy products, which I thought I was familiar with, until I started doing my research. As you will see in this guide I put together, each of the nearly 100 essences available from reputable companies like … Read more

How To Make Bath Salts With Essential Oils

Three circular jars filled with salt scrubs on a wooden surface

Human beings love to take baths and have for as far back as our memories serve. Societies have been bathing for centuries upon centuries for religious rituals, social gatherings, therapy, and cleanliness. And as long as humans have been taking baths, they have been adding essential oils. As a lover of baths and a person who … Read more

Stress Away Essential Oil Review

A bottle of Young Living Oil Stress Away in a wooden background

The Good and Bad of Stress Yes. You read that right. There are situations in which stress is our friend. When you are approaching a deadline that little bit of stress you feel serves as a motivator to get the job done. In extreme situations, like a house fire, the stress of the danger is … Read more