Best Essential Oils for Enhancing Your Body Care Routine

DIY Essential Oil Labels: Ideas to Help Keep Track of Your Growing Collection

3 essential oil bottles placed in a wooden background with scattered rose petals

If you have a growing collection of essential oils, you probably have begun to wonder how to best organize and label your bottles. Since most bottles are similar in nature and color, they can be difficult to distinguish from one another at first glance even with the manufacturer’s labeling. It can become even more difficult … Read more

31 Powerful Essential Oil Bug Repellent Recipes For Your Personal Use

Young Lady spraying bug repellent on her arm

Who hates bugs? Okay, except for the entomologists out there that have a penchant for natural scents, very few of us like those crawling little insects that fly in our faces, ruin our picnics, and leave bites on our skin that itch, break, and bleed. To be honest, I am not a fan of bugs. … Read more

Do Essential Oils Work? Details You Need To Know

Essential oil bottles and flowers.

Choosing a holistic approach to your health is something more and more folks are choosing these days. One of the ways they select a natural approach is by incorporating essential oils into their lives. Still, there are skeptics out there who ask the question, “Do they really work?” This isn’t a difficult question to answer, … Read more

Young Living Frankincense vs Sacred Frankincense: How To Make The Best Choice For Yourself

Comparing Frankincense Oils: Young Living vs. Sacred

Choices aren’t easy, so when it comes to merchandise that is similar and unless you have an endless supply of money, sometimes we have to decide between one product and another. This isn’t any different in the world of essential oils. While we would love to own every kind of oil that has ever been … Read more

Young Living Rainstone Diffuser Review

An egg-shaped Young Living Rainstone Diffuser

Tradition and Technology Unlike any other diffuser on the market today, the Young Living Rainstone Diffuser has a design that goes back more than one thousand years. Each device is made, by hand, in a tradition that has been handed down for generations. It also comes with a remote control. Yet the technology in this … Read more

Digize Essential Oil Reviews

A bottle of Digize essential oil in a wooden background

​The Company Young Living is the top producer and distributor of essential oils in North America. Their products are harvests from the best growers and extracted in top-of-the-line distilleries. While they are based in Utah, they have offices located throughout the world including Australia, Canada, Japan, and Europe. The came up with their own testing … Read more

Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses: Everything You Need to Know

A bundle of lemongrass stalks tied with an organic fiber string

When a fresh, uplifting scent for a comforting sanctuary is what you have been seeking, then look no further than lemongrass essential oil uses and benefits. Also popular in nutritional and dietary needs, this Asian inspired scent is one found as a stand alone as well as in many blends to be used for multiple … Read more

Best doTERRA Essential Oils Reviews

Doterra Essential Oils, Essential oil Doterra review

This company, the second I am reviewing for, is another top dog in the world of essential oils. Starting their mission in 2008, doTERRA is rather young compared to other essential oil companies. Yet they have quickly found their way on to the shelves of extract lovers all over the world. What are doTERRA … Read more

Keep Pests Away The Natural Way: Essential Oils As Insect Repellent

Spraying an insect repellent on the child's arm

Insects are the worst when it comes to outdoor activity. Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to have a barbecue without flies bombarding the food and mosquitoes feeding off us. But the idea of spraying your yard and your family with all those chemical remedies found in the stores just doesn’t sit right with you. Try essential … Read more

Young Living USB Diffuser Reviews

A purple Young Living USB Diffuser in a wood background

​What Does It Mean? Otherwise known as Universal Serial Bus, this term technically refers to a “standard type of connection” for our devices. As users, we know them to be the things that plug into the side of our laptops, in the back of our desktops, and into those little white boxes that charge our … Read more