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Best Natural Deodorant for Working Out

Natural Deodorants for Heavy Workouts

Applying ourselves to vigorous activities generates heat and in order to help regulate our internal temperature, our body sweats. Sweating is a natural cooling response, but it also invites some unpleasant odors from certain parts of our body- mainly our armpits. Bacterias in underarm sweat secretions can be downright embarrassing, and even though a certain … Read more

DIY Natural Deodorant Spray Recipe

DIY Natural Deodorant Spray Recipe

All-natural products are considered the best and most trustworthy of products for health and safety. Understanding this fact is the easy part but finding products that are really all-natural in the market is a whole other situation. Many producers will claim that they have organic and all-natural ingredients for their products, but is that really … Read more

Best Natural Deodorant for Women

Woman smiling while applying deodorant in blurry background

Are you in the market for a deodorant that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or harmful additives and can be applied liberally to skin whenever you feel that you need a refresher? Natural deodorants are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst women of all age groups, because multiple clinical studies have shown a link between … Read more

Best Natural Deodorant for Men

The Best All Natural Deodorant Options for Men

Us humans have a tendency to stink, especially if we have been involved with vigorous exercise. Perspiration from our bodies get trapped as it attempts to cool itself, and it doesn’t take long to smell the odor derived from bacteria breaking down these sweat secretions. Because of this, we go through all sorts of products … Read more