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Tips on Clearing Your Mind

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In this fast paced world, it can be so easy for us to get caught up in the little things. The taxes are due, a report for work hasn’t been finished yet, and the dog threw up on the rug again. When we get overwhelmed, it is difficult to steer clear of the mess of … Read more

Hiking: A Solution For Healthy Mind and Body

Man walking on the railway with a camera

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, hiking is fast becoming a popular pastime in a world that is becoming more and more technological and fast-paced. Sometimes people just want to get away from the rat-race and experience nature at her purest. Hiking certainly allows this. Walking through mountains, valleys, lush lakes and streams have now … Read more

Get Better Rest: Choose The Right LEDs For Your Home

Touching or holding the bottom of an elegant geometric frame of a string light

If you live in the northern hemisphere you’ve likely noticed there’s a marked change in people’s mood and bodies during winter months, this is commonly known as the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it happens because the lack of sunlight really affects human bodies, making them prone to depression and moodiness. In fact, the light … Read more

11 Staff Development Ideas

Handsome man with his colleagues

On average, people spend around 10.3 years at work in a lifetime. Doubtless, the work environment plays a great role in people’s comprehensive development. If you climb the career ladder and try to achieve the work success, you tend to be a happier person. Thus, developing at work is important. Reasons for developing at work: … Read more

Safety and Peace-of-Mind In Your Own Home

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Of the many needs of human beings, proper shelter is right up there with food and water when it comes to importance. We rely on the walls of our homes to keep us safe from the outdoor elements, and it’s also here where we make some of our sweetest memories with loved ones. Despite the … Read more

Proper Turtle Care for Responsible Pet Owners

Turtle on top of a partially submerged branch in the water

We all need love in our lives, and that can come in many forms. From your spouse and children to parents and more, these are the people in our lives that put a smile on our face and keep us company. However, companionship doesn’t have to come in a human form. Pets can capture our … Read more

Best Communication Books

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of human life. The delicate dance of human interaction provides an amazing mechanism for transferring ideas and information that can create change, enhance relationships, inspire creativity, initiate or impede behavior, improve workplace environments and transform marriages. Unfortunately, communication isn’t instinctual such as thirst and hunger. Therefore, the … Read more

Top 15 Personal Growth Blogs to Follow

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Actualized The founder of Actualized.org is a guy named Leo. What I love about Leo is that he started off trying to figure his life out, got into building niche sites, which gave him the financial freedom to spend money on his own emotional and personal development, eventually spending over $100,000 over the course of … Read more

A Recipe for Success: How to Succeed in Life

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There are countless articles and books expressing how people can follow others leads on the road to success. While promotions and awards at work are benefits that motivate an employee, there are less obvious benefits to success in life that allow humans to learn, grow and have a fulfilling life. In fact, the more ambitious … Read more

Law of Success

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Setting Goals When following your dreams, there can be some obstacles along the way. The first steps can sometimes be hard-going and may cause us to feel incapable of reaching our goals, but the end result is always worth it. Creating a personal development plan may not be something that is easy to layout, but … Read more