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DōTERRA Clary Calm Review

doterra clarycalm mini bottle with clary sage

Essential oils have great benefits all around, but women have specific issues men don’t typically experience that essential oils can treat naturally. DōTERRA Clary Calm addresses these issues, using proprietary blends of scents and ingredients that soothe some of the monthly issues women experience. Paying attention to natural substances and the basic needs of the … Read more

Castor Oil Benefits for Skin

Person's hand holding a bottle with oil pouring it to her hand

Long before the popular brands that dominate the beauty industry were born, women (and men) found ways to enhance their appearance and for both beauty and health. These remedies have increasingly found their way into modern skin care routines in recent years as more natural, rather than synthetic, approaches have grown in popularity. A well-known … Read more

Best doTERRA Diffuser Reviews

Doterra Lumo, ​​​Petal, and Aroma Lite Diffuser in white background

Aromatherapy practitioners have their favorite scents, their favorite ways to use their essential oils, and their favorite producers. doTERRA is one of the top corporations when it comes to pure therapeutic grade scents and blends. Today, we are going to take a look at doTERRA’s best diffusers and some reviews of these machines. Best doTERRA … Read more

Are Plant Therapy Oils Pure?

Essential oil bottle, dropper, dropping oil on the bottle, in blurry bottles and brown background

Essential oils are gaining popularity surrounding the many health benefits they support for both body and mind. They are often awesome supplements to medicinal treatments, and when used properly can aid in healing, provide energy, help with focus, and allow for relaxing atmosphere- amongst other things. Plant Therapy oils have been around since the start … Read more