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Health Risks of Snoring

Snoring may be embarrassing for the person doing it, or annoying for the one hearing it. But before focusing on the social implications of snoring, you need to understand that severe snoring also entails a lot of serious health risks. Here are some of the health risks that may arise from what you thought is … Read more

Top 6 Benefits of Light Therapy

Having a a light therapy session

Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about light therapy and the ways in which it has helped them to manage specific issues in their lives. Hearing success stories has probably peaked your interest in learning about light therapy and trying it out for yourself. Before you seek your own light therapy, it’s important to know what … Read more

Running For Beginners: Tips To Get You Started

Boys running in a marathon

If it is your first time to get your foot in running, then you must be equipped with the rudiments of running for beginners. You may want to engage in this exercise for various reasons. It could be for trimming down, for getting fit and fabulous, or for your athletic training. The best tool for … Read more

8 Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Ancient Cupping And Scraping

Cupping and Scraping just like the ancient methods

Watching glass cups pull skin and muscles upward might not look like the most comfortable experience. In fact, it can appear unsettling, especially to someone who’s never tried alternative medicine before. However, contrary to how it looks, cupping and scraping are actually very effective treatments for a handful of conditions. Cupping is a form of … Read more

Light Up Your Next Adventure

Man sitting in front of his car with the lights on

Travelling somewhere new can be exciting and definitely good for the soul! It’s fun to explore an untravelled trail, not knowing what will be around the next bend. Off-roading is an activity where people drive on unsurfaced roads, or pathways, in the wilderness. Usually, jeeps or trucks are used, and sometimes people modify these vehicles … Read more

The Value of Choosing Sugar Free and Organic Candy Options

Fruit and heart-shaped sweet candies

Everyone loves enjoying a delicious piece of candy from time to time. And some of us enjoy these amazing sweets and treats more often than others. The sugary sweet sensation and delectable taste make candy irresistible for many of us, and this is especially true for kids. You may have wondered, “Are there healthier candy … Read more

Hiking: A Solution For Healthy Mind and Body

Man walking on the railway with a camera

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, hiking is fast becoming a popular pastime in a world that is becoming more and more technological and fast-paced. Sometimes people just want to get away from the rat-race and experience nature at her purest. Hiking certainly allows this. Walking through mountains, valleys, lush lakes and streams have now … Read more

Use A Dehumidifier To Keep Your Body & Home Healthy

Using a remote control on a dehumidifier

Your home can be a breeding ground to tons of different bacterias and fungi. One of the most dangerous silent killers in your home is mold. Mold can cause symptoms such as eye irritation, wheezing, skin irritations, or nasal stuffiness. In 2004, there was evidence to link indoor air exposure to mold, with upper respiratory … Read more

Top Tips For A Golf Team-building Day

Man playing golf in a dusky afternoon

One of the last things anyone considers when referring to team building is golf. But when you actually sit down and think about it, it makes perfect sense. Golf is a great game that can be played in teams and is inclusive for golfers and non-golfers alike. Whether the event is for the leadership team … Read more