Best Essential Oils for Enhancing Your Body Care Routine

13 of the Best Essential Oil Recipes for Migraines

woman having migraine, essential oil bottles in circle frame

It’s a well-known fact that essential oils are the entire alternative medicine craze right now. While studies have linked these oils to numerous health benefits, today’s focus falls upon the dreaded migraine. When you know which oils to combine, you can end up with a mixture that’s simply rubbed against the forehead, temples, or back … Read more

How to Make Massage Oils With Essential Oils

DIY Massage Oils: Essential Recipes

Massage is an incredible therapeutic technique that can work to stimulate both the mind and body to provide an alleviation of pain, stress, and anxiety. You don’t have to be struggling with any issues to take advantage of it either, neither do you have to spend a lot of money to have the technique applied … Read more

Now Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes

As aromatherapy enthusiasts, we love a chance to try out different brands and compare them. Now Essential Oils is a division of NOW Foods, which first came to be in 1968 when things like healthy foods and supplements that were derived naturally weren’t a part of the mainstream consciousness. NOW finds the finest natural materials … Read more

doTERRA vs Edens Garden Essential Oils: Differences Worth Noting

Featured Image- doTERRRA vs Edens Garden Essential Oils_ Differences Worth Noting

The rise in the use of natural essential oils has been growing over the last decade to include many new companies offering these plant-based products. Because of this, many questions are often asked about the various companies and where their oils come from and their purity. This is especially important because although they are plant-based, … Read more

The Best Roll-On Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

15 Roll-On Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

Making your own roll-on perfume with natural essential oils can be quite a fun new hobby. Aside from gaining full control over what goes into a perfume that you rub against your skin, you already know that essential oils provide plenty of benefits for your mental state. Anxiety-relieving and skincare benefits are just a couple … Read more

11 Essential Oil Recipes For Arthritis

woman holding her wrist due to pain

The joint aches and pains of arthritis are mostly chronic in nature, leaving sufferers frustrated with the treatments and care they must take to avoid the worst of the pain. At best, the flare-ups are annoying and a nuisance to cope with. But the inflammation of the condition often can be debilitating and painful to … Read more

Essential Oil Recipes for Tendonitis

hands showing the bones in black background, with 2 bottles of essential oil in circle frame

Tendonitis is the irritation of the tendon, the cord that attaches bone to muscle to allow movement. Although it can occur anywhere in the body, tendonitis symptoms generally occur around or near joints due to its irritation through repetitive movements. It also can be caused by injury. No matter the cause, it is an uncomfortable … Read more

21 Essential Oil Recipes For Pain

Man touching his lower back due to pain

When experiencing ‘pain’ of any type, you may feel that you would do anything to alleviate it. Most of the time, over-the-counter and prescription medications should only be used sparingly as they can take a toll on your internal organs and even create dependencies.  Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but should always be approached … Read more

15 Awesome Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume Recipes

15 Awesome Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume Recipes Rose essential oil on a pink background with flowers, Generative AI content

Everyone loves a good perfume. For a long time, this stood as the perfect gift, provided that you can nail the fragrance that the receiver likes. But it’s no secret that perfumes bought from stores used chemicals in their composition. Even more, perfumes can be darn-right expensive. But what if you knew how to make … Read more

doTERRA vs Young Living: A Detailed Comparison

4 small bottles with colored liquids inside and a flower

When it comes to purchasing our essential oils, we want to make sure the company we purchase them from is not only selling the purest of products but also that their products are sourced from reputable farms and tested thoroughly. Who do you buy your essential oils from? Maybe you haven’t purchased any oils yet … Read more