Digize Essential Oil Reviews

A bottle of Digize essential oil in a wooden background

​The Company Young Living is the top producer and distributor of essential oils in North America. Their products are harvests from the best growers and extracted in top-of-the-line distilleries. While they are based in Utah, they have offices located throughout the world including Australia, Canada, Japan, and Europe. The came up with their own testing … Read more

Young Living AromaGuard Deodorant Review: Staying Fresh Naturally

A stick of Young Living AromaGuard deodorant on a wooden background

Young Living Company History The founders of Young Living, Mary and Gary Young, began their business as a small organic farming and distillation operation in 1993. As they grew their farmland and business ventures to include sustainable oil choices around the world, within 15 years, they found themselves the world leader in essential oils (EO) … Read more

21 Essential Oil Recipes For Pain

Man touching his lower back due to pain

When experiencing ‘pain’ of any type, you may feel that you would do anything to alleviate it. Most of the time, over-the-counter and prescription medications should only be used sparingly as they can take a toll on your internal organs and even create dependencies.  Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but should always be approached … Read more