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Rowing Machine Reviews

three men on a rowing boat

What is the best rowing machine? This is a good question because everyone’s definition of best is different. First, consider what your health goals are and which benefits are most important to you. In this article, I will cover each of these benefits, types of rowing machines, and a review of my favorite machines in … Read more

The Benefits of having Detox Drinks

top view of glasses of drinks with slices of lime

With all the chemicals added to, and pesticides liberally used on our food, it only stands to reason that cleansing and detoxing our bodies should be high on our agenda as it can drastically improve our feeling of well being and health. One very easy, simple and inexpensive way to get started is by adding … Read more

Best Juicer Reviews

glasses of apple juice

Juicing has without a doubt taken off in a big way. In the modern fast paced world it can be difficult to eat healthy when convenience is key. A juicing machine is a great way of consuming healthy food full of vitamins and minerals in a quick and tasty way. But with so many buying … Read more

Compression Clothing: Performance Enhancer or Fitness Fad?

group of women sitting on the floor of yoga studio

Whether you are an average fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, having that extra edge during training and events can be the difference between winning and losing. Each year, a new fitness accessory or supplement seems to find its way into the mainstream with claims of helping you achieve that extra boost you need. From … Read more

More Than a Luxury: 5 Benefits of Regular Massage

Young woman having a back massage

We all know that massage feels fantastic. It’s relaxing and can also be used to treat muscle soreness and fatigue. By and large, massage is seen as a luxury item and because of this, it’s not something that is included in the monthly budget for people that are closely monitoring their expenses. But what if … Read more

4 Tips to Improve Your Muscle to Fat Ratio

A back of man flexing his arms

If you’re working out for some time now, you probably know this scenario: you wanted to gain as much muscle mass as possible before an event, so you had a serious bulking phase of 2-4 weeks. You trained hard at your local gym and increased your calories accordingly and ended up with a 10-pounds gain. … Read more

Dukan Diet Menus, Side Effects, Phases and Recipes

a group of vegetables in different color, shape, and variety

What is Dukan Diet? Before starting, let’s define the Dukan Diet. For all of you asking yourself “What is Dukan Diet?”, we have the answer. The Dukan diet is one of the most effective methods and hot news in the weight loss market recently. It is proclaimed as an ultimate weight loss methodology that saves … Read more

11 Fast Hair Growth Ideas

woman with magenta-colored lips biting her hair

Are you longing for length? Have you tried the usual topical growth aids only to be disappointed? Are you looking for more holistic or healthy solutions to rapid hair growth? Well, you are not alone! For healthy hair care and fast hair growth options check out these ten excellent resources for growing long healthy hair … Read more

Food for Thought- How to Eat the Right Foods

woman showing a plate of food

But what do we mean when we say food for thought? What we put into our bodies determines how we feel, and shapes our way of life. The functionality of the human body depends on the nutrients taken in and how they are taken. This is the reason why they say that you are what … Read more